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Enjoy working in a nice ambience next to the beach!

Why not combine your work with sports and relaxation? Unique about our coworking is that we have material for beach and sea sports like Stand-Up-Paddle. We are also a creative coworking, especially in the area of photography & video, and next to us is a very well equipped ceramic studio.

We provide a tranquil and creative work environment. Each desk has a lot of space around it, our coworking is quiet enough to be in your own world when you want and busy enough to share ideas and collaborate.

We are located at the Rambla de Poblenou, a cozy rambla with many coffee bars and restaurants, and next to a park and the beach.


About our Coworking spaces

We have several desks available. Depending on your needs you can rent your own desk for the whole day, or just for the mornings or afternoons.
The desks are divided over 2 rooms. One room is for those who work more silently, the other room is for those who need to talk or use the phone often when they work.


Part-time Desk

Share a desk with 1 other person, together with him or her you can decide things like setting up a monitor for example.

  • until 14h OR after 14h:
  • 95€/month or 35€/week
  • (Limited availability)

Personal Desk

Your own space at MAUI where you can install yourself to work on a daily basis.

  • 24/7 Access:
  • 165 €/month or 45 €/week
  • Long term discounts:
  • 3 months –> 155 €/month
  • 6 months –> 145 €/month

  • From 9 to 19:30h @maui-2, after you can continue at our 24/7 location next door:
  • 145 €/month or 40 €/week
  • Long term discounts:
  • 3 months –> 135 €/month

Flexible Desk

We have assigned desks for just laptops or you can choose a desk that's free in the moment.

  • Full-time:
  • 115 €/month
  • (Limited availability)

  • Part-time:
  • 75 €/month
  • (10 days a month or 2 days a week)


Standing Up Paddle / Paddle Surf

Paddle Surf Classes

Try a Stand-Up-Paddle class, you can choose if you want a sporty or a relaxing session, with a early morning session a coffee and fruity breakfast on the sea is included :)

  • 1 SUP Session: (1,5 hour) 20€
  • Extra hours: 10€/hour

  • Quick Session: (1 hour) 15€
  • (only possible if the boards are allready at the beach)

    SUP Movie

  • We can make a short movie with an impression of your (first) experience on a paddle board! click here for a example: 25€
  • You can choose the music for you video!

    Board Storage

  • 1 SUP board: 45€/month
    Share your board with the experienced people of the Paddle Club and store your board for free!
  • Access: 24/7

The Paddle Club

    Join the Paddle Club! We often go to paddle in the early morning before the work and we take a thermocan with coffee and a fruity breakfast along to enjoy while floating in the middle of the calm sea :)

    Around 16h the wind typically increases and the waves get bigger, a good moment for a shoulder & arms workout on the paddle board!

    After 18h the sea usualy starts to return to more calm state and it's perfect for a relaxed evening paddle cool down.

    Occasionally we go in the night, the new moon is one of those rare moments when you can be in darkness on the middle of the sea with a beautiful panorama of the Barcelona city lights.

    How it works; We are in a Whatsapp group, if someone wants to go he/she drops a message and others can join.
    Always there is 1 experienced surfer who joins to handle the boards and teach the newbies the basics.

  • Paddle Club: 45€/month
  • 3 months: 35€/month
  • (Unlimited Paddling)


MAUI Coworking
Carrer Perello 74-76
08005, Barcelona
Our location on MAPS


Metro: Yellow Line (L4) stops:'Llacuna' or 'Poble Nou'

Also there are 2 Bicing parkings around the corner.


Tel: (+34) 652 349 603
Email: info@maui.cat

Interested to rent a desk ?

Please drop us a line and we get back to you shortly.